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Graduate School for Social Research
Application for admission 2018-2019 MA Programme

(For PhD studies please visit http://www.gssr.edu.pl/admission/phd-programme//)
Before completing this form please read information for applicants.
If you have questions please contact us at gssr@gssr.edu.pl

1. Name (as it appears in your international passport)
* Family name
* First name
Middle initial(s)
* 2. I wish to apply for one of the following courses (please mark as applicable)
If you wish to apply for more than one programme please number your preferences in order. We have a limited number of places for each programme: if places are no longer available on your first choice, you may be offered a place on your second preference.
1st 2nd 3rd
MA in Society and Politics
MA in Economy and Society
MA in Culture, Media and Society
* 2a. I wish to apply for one of the following forms of study (please mark as applicable):
 12 months (intensive form of study)  24 months (for students who also work full-time)
3. More about you
Postal address to which correspondence may be sent at any time during the year or until (please give date:  ) and your home address (if different)

Postal addressHome address (if different)
* Street and House number
* City
* Postcode
* Country
Telephone numbers (with country and city codes) where we can contact you
Current number
Permanent number (if different)
Fax number (if any)
Your e-mail address is the most important address. You must enter EXACTLY ONE address. Please check you have typed it correctly because you must confirm your application. We will also use it for most future contact with you in connection with this application.
* E-mail address.
If any of the above information changes, please inform the Graduate School for Social Research, preferably by e-mail to gssr@gssr.edu.pl)
* Date of Birth(day/month/year) //
* Gender Male             Female 
* Place of birth
* Your citizenship
International passport number
International passport valid until (day/month/year) //
4. Your Education up to now
Please list all post secondary education already completed or which will be completed in the present academic year
Institution (university etc.)City and countryName of Degree and resultsubject areaDate startedDate completed
5. English language skills
If you have taken one of the English language tests listed below please indicate the test and score.
Even if you have not taken one of the tests below, but have been successful in the first round of the selection process (evaluation of the application documents) you may still be invited for an interview.
TestDate and place of testingYour ScoreRequired score for GSSR applicants
TEST of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL (internet based) 80
International English Language Test (IELTS) 6.5
Cambridge Advanced English Test (CAET) B
Cambridge Proficiency Test (CPT) C

6. Letters of recommendation
Please provide two letters of recommendation. Please ask two people who know you and your academic work well to complete the attached forms and return them to you in a sealed envelope with your name written on it. If you work, we will also accept a recommendation letter from your supervisor.
7. Statement of purpose
Please provide a statement no longer than 200 words explaining your personal aims and ambitions.
* 8. Essay
This document will be the most important single document of your application.
Please attach it together with the remaining documents listed below (see: section 11)

Please provide a short (600-1000 words) outline of your proposed research topic for the MA dissertation, which will be weighted heavily in the admissions decision. The topic is expected to fall within the broad thematic focus of the GSSR as described on the website, and should be delimited and set out with the greatest possible clarity.

(Please attach essay file here)
9. Application for Financial Aid
Note: Financial aid applications must be sent to the Graduate School for Social Research by May 8th 2018.

Financial aid is normally offered by the GSSR in the form of partial fee-waivers. All financial aid is awarded strictly on the basis of academic merit. Availability of such aid is limited. Applicants should therefore bear in mind that for a given number of full fee waivers the GSSR is able to offer eg: twice as many 50% fee waivers, four times as many 25% waivers, etc.
I do not wish to apply for a fee-waiver
I will pay 100% of the fee
I wish to apply for:
A 25% fee-waiver (ie if successful I will be expected to pay 75% of the fee)
A 50% fee-waiver (ie if successful I will be expected to pay 50% of the fee)
A 75% fee-waiver (ie if successful I will be expected to pay 25% of the fee)
I am a citizen of Belarus / Russian Federation / Ukraine
10. Application for stipend (contribution towards living expenses)
Note: The GSSR offers a limited number of stipends each year as a contribution to living expenses. All stipends are awarded strictly on the basis of academic merit and availability is limited.
I do not wish to apply for a stipend
I wish to apply for a full stipend
I am a citizen of Belarus / Russian Federation / Ukraine
11. Other documents
Please attach to the application the following documents:
  • Certified copy of transcript
  • Official translation of transcript (if original is not in English or Polish)
  • (If you have not completed your first degree) An official letter confirming you are a final year student expected to complete your degree before October 2018
  • A CV/resumé
  • English test score certificate (if available)
  • Two letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes with the recommender's signature across the seal. If it is not possible to provide these letters for inclusion in your application, they may be sent separately.
12. Notes
Financial aid is awarded on the basis of academic merit. No application other than the above is required.

On arrival at the Graduate School for Social Research successful applicants will be asked before enrolling to provide a certified copy of their diploma with an official translation (if original is not in English or Polish).

I hereby confirm that the information given by me in this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that provision of untrue or misleading information could lead to my disqualification from the application process.

I understand that the information provided on this form will be held on the GSSR's administrative computer system for the purposes of student administration. I consent to the collection and processing of relevant personal data by the School, subject to the provisions of Ustawa o Ochronie Danych Osobowych (Data Protection Act) z dnia 29.08.97 (Dz.U. Nr 133 Poz. 883).

Graduate School for Social Research
Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences
Nowy Swiat 72, room 261
00-330 Warsaw,

Phone: (00 48) 22 828 8009, e-mail: gssr@gssr.edu.pl

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